About the room

  • House
  • 6 bedrooms total
  • 2 bedrooms available (Shared Room)
  • 4 bathrooms
  • 0 months minimum stay
  • Available now
  • Furnished
  • Garden
  • Terrace/ Balcony
  • TV
  • Wifi

Who lives there

9 mixed gender, from 18 to 40 years old, mixed, outside smokers only

Ideal flatmates

Everyone welcome

Room description

This is a furnished, 6-bedroom house nestled in the prestigious suburb of Mount Victoria, Wellington. The city is right at your fingertips, with only a couple minutes’ walk to the bustle of Courtenay Place.

The rooms is spacious, with a nice outdoor area for socialising.

Expenses are inclusive.

Power and unlimited Wifi, toilet paper, bathroom hand & shower soap, all cleaning products, laundry powder, kitchen supplies and utensils, rubbish collection, and we clean the property 3 times a week.

The home features:

• 6 rooms

Room: Kakapo

Room: Kiwi

Room: Weka

Room: Moa

Room: Grey warbler

Room: Tomtit

• 2 kitchens equipped for all your cooking needs

• 2 bathrooms equipped for all your hygiene needs

• 2 toilets

• 2 washing machines and laundry powder provided

• 2 dryers

• Sunny decks with outdoor fire

• Unlimited WiFi

• Residential parking. Need a permit. $140 annually. Or Coupon parking.

• 16+ awesome foreigners that change regularly (we eat the bad ones)

There are plenty of people here with different interests and backgrounds. We have a stupid amount of fun and love to travel – if you plan to travel New Zealand, you’ll likely find friends here keen to join (and some of us have cars!). You’re a 5 minute walk into town!

House Rules & Guidelines


● Cook. Clean. Eat. The kitchen is used by many people so it’s good practice to clean right after cooking and before you eat so others can use the stuff behind you. Cleaning also gives your food time to cool down. Everybody wins. Dry and put away your clean dishes. Clean ALL your dishes. Every item you’ve used. This includes pans. This includes forks. This includes ANY kitchen surface (microwave, oven, counter, etc). If you use it, clean it.

● When cooking your food on a pan or pot, do NOT use metal spoons or knives. Scratching the pans is unhealthy and wrecks our cooking utensils. 5. Please use the wooden/plastic spoons provided.

● It’s preferred that you don’t eat food in your dorms. If you do, do NOT leave plates, bowls, utensils or any other kitchen item in your room. Wash it and put it back in its original location.

● Put all your things back on your shelf or in the fridge. It will end up on the free shelf or thrown away if left out overnight.

● Name your food.

● Don’t take other people’s stuff if you don’t have permission. People here are friendly. If you need something, ask.

● Fridge and shelf purges happen often. Keep on top of perishables.

● Recycling belongs in the bins provided.

● Breakdown cardboard boxes.

● Cans/tin, paper, and plastic bottles in bins with yellow lids.

● Glass belongs only in the small green bins provided.

● All other general rubbish goes in the big dark green bins with a black bag.


● You are welcome to use the lounge area at any time day or night. Please observe quiet time restrictions, and be mindful of others at all times.

● Do not leave your personal items in the lounge or on kitchen chairs. When you leave the lounge, take your personal items with you.

● Unclaimed property will be moved to the unclaimed property bin each morning. Items that are unclaimed for a period of 30 days will be donated to charity.


● Clean up after yourself.

● Close the toilet seat before flushing.

● Do not flush anything except toilet paper.

● Used toilet paper goes in the toilet.

● Don’t leave behind wet floors.


● Keep your living space clean and tidy at all times.

● Please don’t talk on phones or computers after 10pm. People are trying to sleep.

● Be respectful of your roommates.

● Health and safety

● Fire and Evacuation Procedure.

● Shout “Fire”. Use a fire extinguisher. If unable to put the fire out. Leave the building by the nearest available fire exit.

● Do not take risks. Get out. Stay out. Dial 111.


● When showering, use the ceiling fan.

● Don’t leave the floor wet. Use the towel on the towel heater.

● Make sure there’s no hair on the walls or drain.

● Personal toiletries should be kept in your room, not the washroom. This includes towels.

● When finished, return the floor towel to the towel heater.

● Turn both switches off when you’re done.


● When using the washing machine, throw the soap powder directly into the middle hole.

● When using the washing machine, do not overload it.

● When using the washing machine, use cold water only.

● When using the dryer, make sure to empty the lint from the filter. Place lint in the bin next to the dryer.

● When using drying racks, place outside or at the end of the laundry. Please do not block access to the washing machines and dryers.


● No noise or talking outside after 8pm. The decks are off-limits. We’re all social and noisy… our neighbours are not.

● No smoking indoors. No smoke on the deck.

● You can smoke under the carport and in the smokers Hutt. Please put your smoke butts in the rubbish. Anyone found in breach of our smoking policy will be asked to leave.


● Residential and coupon parking is available on the street.

● There is no parking on the property.

Linen service

.● You can wash your linen using our free laundry and washing powder.

.● If you want your linen changed, you will be charged an additional $25


● Please use the rubbish bags until they’ve reached their capacity.

● Take the bag out from the bin, then tie it up with the white ribbon from the bottom of the bag.

● Put the rubbish bag in either one of the two big green bins at the front of the property.

● You’ll find rubbish and recycling bags in the drawer labelled “Rubbish and Recycling Bags”

Recycling bins

● These bins are strictly for paper, plastic, and tin only. Do not put glass OR food scraps in them. And please don’t overflow them. Repeat the same process as the rubbish.

● For pizza boxes or any large items, please fold and squash them flat.

● Once the recycling bags are full, tie them up and put them at the back of the property with all the other recycling bags.

● Regarding the green recycling bins on the deck: these are ONLY for GLASS. Please remove caps from bottles and jars. Don't put your beer boxes in these bins.


●If you want to have visitors at the property, you need to ask Shaun for permission.

●All visitors need to give their details to Shaun via message.

●Please include date, name, phone number, and a photo of their ID.

●Visitors are not allowed to use the washing machine’s, dryers, showers and kitchens. These are only for paying guests.

●If these rules aren’t followed, the visitors will be asked to leave and you’ll be charged for their visit.


Sun-Thur 10:00pm - 8:00am

Fri-Sat 12:00am - 10:00am

Music must be off, or at ambient volume - Noise and voices minimal - No loud games or parties

Listing ID: H2312302302588

Posted on 7 July 2024