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Hello. My name is Joshua. I'm 18 (nearly 19) years old. I'm looking for somewhere to rent that is rather quiet. E.g. No parties. I have Autism so I tend to keep to myself and be rather anti-social. That doesn't mean I won't engage in conversation. I just prefer to be by myself and do my own thing. I am a nerd meaning I do game and have gamed most games that both adults and younger audiences have played from Space Invaders to GTA V and beyond. I'm not currently studying or working but I am considering study in either IT or Psychology. I am a movie freak and have watched many movies dating all the way back to when McGyver, Stargate, CHiPs, and M*A*S*H to Marvel, DC, James Bond, Jason Bourne etc. I definitely don't smoke and due to my asthma I would not want to be in a house where others smoke. I don't drink and would prefer a non-alcoholic environment. I am also great with pets.

That's a little about me and hopefully you get an idea on what kind of place I'm looking for. :)

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Posted on 14 May 2019