About the room

  • House
  • 2 bedrooms total
  • 1 bedrooms available (Double Room)
  • 1 bathrooms
  • 0 months minimum stay
  • Available now
  • Garden
  • Parking
  • TV
  • Wifi

Who lives there

1 female, professional, non smokers

Ideal flatmates


Room description

I have a room to rent in my 2 bed house. It's a double room that can fit a queen bed. The bed in the photo is a double and can be provided or you can bring your own. There's no more furniture in the room but if you need it we can talk about it and come up with a plan to furnish it up. The room gets good morning sun and has a great view. Sometimes a local Tui visits the tree outside.

The house is fully furnished, kitchen is big and functional. I don't use a microwave and don't have one, but if you really need it we can talk about that too. There's a big pantry that's looking a bit neglected since I can't fill it all. Heat pump, washer, dryer, clothes line, the works. There's a big garden outside, currently overgrown and a jungle, but there's a lot of space if you want to plant or maybe build a chillout area there.

The house is up a steep hill that will help you with your daily exercise. There's a parking space off-street available. Not that you'll need it, there's a bus stop 5 min walk mostly undercover, and the Railway station is a 10 min walk not-covered.

Utilities include power, internet (no fiber yet :sademoji:) and gas. Also included are common household things like toilet paper and cleaning products.

I'm looking for a good flatmate that basically do their own thing and is drama-free, considerate and cleans after themselves. If there's something around the house that's bothering you or we just don't want to clean and better to hire someone instead of having fights, we talk about it. If we each want to not talk and go to hang out in our bedrooms, no drama and no hard feelings. If we are both in the mood to talk we'll order in and watch a movie.

I do have two big requirements.

You have to love cats. I have two and they are lovely and annoying, you will just have to accept that cat hair is part of life. The photos of the house demonstrate that they have taken ownership of the living room and that's probably not going to change.

And two: I really really hope you are environmentally conscious. Things like not using the heat pump when it's just you alone in the living room if you can get away with an extra blanket, or prefer to hang your clothes outside if it's summer and 30C. I'm not asking for something unreasonable like not using the dryer if you have no dry underwear for tomorrow, just be conscious of what you can do.

Everything listed here is negotiable (except the cat-lover part), I'm basically looking for someone to easy get along with and have an relaxed co-living.

Listing ID: H19052095250537

Posted on 20 May 2019